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I know you're wondering. 🧐"Why would you mix anthropology and advertising?" Sorry to burst your bubble, I'm not a dig-up-the-bones anthropologist. Research, understanding, and empathy are at the foundation of cultural anthropology. It just so happens these qualities also set apart good advertising.

I’ve always tried to tie good communication, influence, and design to my life, but nobody told me this was called branding and advertising until was in community college. Since then, my goals have been clear. I have worked in creative production, marketing, media planning, and account management.

I grew up in Sacramento and graduated from Chapman University in 2019 with degrees in PR & Advertising and Anthropology. I go to work every day with my A-game, so that means I head into my weekends with nothing less. Just a few years ago I finished traveling to all United States National Parks.

I’d love to chat over a coffee or lunch, reach out anytime!